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We are spidervanes

Brady Ellison Vanes. Spider vanes represent the most inovative designs coupled with extensive testing and constant improvements. We know what you need. 

Becoming a champion just got easier!


Recurve 1,8 1,5

Spider Vanes feature a unique rear and front sloping hook that traps additional air at the beginning of the shot. The additional drag stabilizes the arrow quickly to increase accuracy, rotating up to three-times faster than any other vanes. 

Sizes: 1,5 inches ( 3,81 cm ) and 1,8 inches ( 4,572 cm ) 

Colors: Green, Pink, Ruby Red, Teal Blue, Metallic Blue, Deep Purple, Victory White, Pure Silver, Inca Gold.

Key features:

  • Ideal for the demanding recurve archer. 
  • Designed for Brady Ellison to be forgiving, accurate and durable.
  • Lightweight material produces more feet per second on your arrow speed.
  • Popular 1.8″ length. Suitable for small diameter shafts.
  • Lightweight at just 1 grain.
  • Includes double-side adhesive and wrapping tape for convenient fletching 60 vanes per pack.

Available in 9 colours

our Approach

Becoming a champion just got easier!

After years of testing and compiting, Dejan Sitar and I have developed the most accurate, durable and forgiving vane ever. 

Spider vanes are now the choise of Champions!



Olympic medals

2012 London
2016 Rio de Janeiro


Wins on World Series

The Vegas Shot
GT Open


World Cup medals

2017 Rome
2018 Samsun
2019 Moscow
2021 Yankton

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